Artificial Hair Fibers

Artificial Hair Fibers

Let your scalp look full with artificial hair fibers

Apart from various surgical and non-surgical techniques for restoring hair loss, Dermaclinix also works for providing artificial hair transplant for its clients. With our skilled staff and professionals, we can make your scalp look dense with hairs by using artificial hair fibers. These fibers are made up of highly purified nylon material which almost looks like natural hairs. However, we at Dermaclinix prefer using client’s own hairs from any other body part.

What comes under artificial hair fiber transplant:

We at Dermaclinix make use of biocompatible artificial hairs for this procedure as they are hard to differentiate from the natural hairs. Also, they can be textured and shaped to the desired need of the client thereby giving him the look he wants.

Process of artificial hair transplant:

Before proceeding for the transplant client undergoes a patch test to rule out the possibility of allergies and compatibility of the artificial hair fibers with the scalp. To judge the sensitivity surgeons transplant around 30 artificial hairs in the crown area. The person needs to observe the place of transplantation for 3 weeks for any sort of allergy, itching or discomfort. If the client remains unaffected he can proceed for further transplant methodology.


It involves the following steps:

1. Surgeons use local anesthesia and numb the scalp.

2. Then they take the bio fibers and with the help of special implanters hook them with reversible knot into the scalp one by one.

3. Surgeons repeat the process in order to get the fuller scalp.

It takes around 2 to 3 hours to insert 1000 fibers on the scalp at Dermaclinix. Generally, the work finalizes in one session in which surgeons use maximum 1000 fibers to insert in the scalp. However, if the client wants more than 1000 fibers then the procedure is split into 2 or 3 sessions where each session works with 1000 fibers.

Artificial Hair Fibers
Once the procedure completes the person can leave the clinic with a few restrictions to follow. These are:
  • Client has to take a 7-days course of antibiotics to rule out any possibility of infection in the scalp.
  • He has to avoid abrupt and hasty maneuvers to take extra care of transplanted hairs.
  • Client should not wash and comb the hairs for 7 days for complete adhesion of transplanted bio-fibers.
What is authenticity and durability of artificial hair fibers:

Companies use nylon to make these artificial bio fibers. This is the reason why they are durable and lasts for a longer period of time. With care and proper cleaning, they can last for around 2 to 3 years. Being fragile and delicate for the initials 7 days, the artificial hairs attain the strength as the days go by. With good grooming, they can remain permanent and intact for around 3 years. One needs a regular clean up on the scalp where crusts formation occurs after artificial hair transplantation.

So if you are in quandary for different surgical and invasive techniques for hair transplant, getting artificial hair fibers at Dermaclinix could be your ultimate solution. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us and get the scalp full of natural looking hairs to boost up your confidence.

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