B.E.S.T(Bio-Enhanced Simultaneous Transplant)

B.E.S.T(Bio-Enhanced Simultaneous Transplant) FUE Techniques in Chennai

It is the latest advanced version of FUE (Follicular unit extraction) wherein the extracted follicles are implanted simultaneously and are constantly supplied energy in form of Liposomal ATP. Normally any organ or tissue when kept outside the body tends too gradually lose energy and die with passage of time. Similarly hair follicles when kept out of body for a long period of time tend to die off. Simultaneously transplantation enables minimal out of body storage time and enhances survival rate of the hair follicles.

Following transplantation the hair follicles depend on their reserve energy supply and plasmatic imbibition for their survival initially. It will take 2-3 days for initial blood supply to begin and up to 7- 8 days for full blood circulation to get established. In initial phase all follicles may not imbibe enough plasma to survive long enough. There may be up to 10-20% follicles which may die off after transplantation. To make the survival rate of transplanted follicles close to 100% we use external energy source in the form of Liposomal ATP which is constantly sprayed over the follicles over the first few days. When Liposomal ATP comes in contact with the grafts it releases the ATP which provides constant energy to the follicles and ensures their survival.


In addition we also use 3 sessions of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) in this method to improve the existing hair follicles, for faster healing and earlier results. Thus the B.E.S.T FUE method in Chennai at DermaClinix ensures that you will have totally transformed look when you go for it.

Being extremely technical and advanced technique it requires specialization to perform for the clients. This is the reason why we have skilled experts with us to endow the best end results. DermaClinix, Chennai is dedicated to provide a paramount outcome in order to make the client contented and satisfied with the result of B.E.S.T. (Bio-Enhanced Simultaneous Transplant)

Advantages of B.E.S.T FUE Technique:

Some of the major pros of getting this highly advanced technology for hair transplantation, B.E.S.T at DermaClinix, Chennai include:

  • The number of follicles per unit increases.
  • The recovery time is shorter than few other transplantation technologies.
  • You would get denser hairs on the scalp making it look fuller.
  • The growth of non transplanted hairs also gets elevated.
Why B.E.S.T at DermaClinix, Chennai is best:

Although a number of techniques are already present for hair transplantation, the one which are advanced has its own benefits. Bio enhanced stimulation transplantation is relatively a new and advanced technique which requires a good expertise. No matter how experience the surgeon is, if he hasn’t operated B.E.S.T before it becomes hard to obtain the final outcome with precision. That is why we have not left any stone unturned to get a staff which is expert in this field and has a good knowledge as well. So, if you are planning to go for hair transplantation in Chennai, DermaClinix could be your ultimate destination. We can help you regain your lost confidence due to baldness and get a younger and dynamic look all over again.

So if you are looking for B.E.S.T in Chennai, come at DermaClinix, we are happy to help!

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