Hiding Scars of Previous Transplant with the New One

Hiding Scars of Previous Transplant at DermaClinix Chennai

How troubling and shameful it becomes on hearing sarcastic remarks over baldness? Of course, no one can take such things lightly as baldness seems to be a bad mark on overall personality. Here is the point that calls for the intervention of hair transplant procedure that can fill the bald patches for better looking personality. But, in the case of covering previous scars, it is essential for the cosmetologist to take care. In this regard, it is necessary for the experts to ensure that the recipient area is strong enough to hold the grafts. Though, there is a possibility of covering scars from the previous hair transplant process with the present one but, it is extremely essential to take specific methods.

As a surgical process intended to transport hair follicles from donor site to the recipient one, hair transplant is meant to add four stars to the overall personality. Intended to cover bald patches and scars from the previous surgery smartly, these transplants adds to the overall personality for sure. Basically speaking, the growth of transplanted hair on scars depends in the fact that tissue has not been thickened. Even if they are thickened; the medical practitioners can flatten it with the support of Cortisone injections. As the scar tissue or skin gets smoothened, the transplantation of grafts might be easier.

The process or effects or hair transplant over the scars differentiates as per the nature of the scar. If the scars are smaller, lesser amount of hair follicles are required to be placed over variable intervals. On the other hand, the smaller scar can be removed through excision and subsequent repair. This makes it possible for the cosmetologist to analyze the scar and tissues under it. on the other note, the larger scars require smaller grafts to be implanted at a particular distance for covering the scar. Of course, the scars can be easily covered with the assistance of new transplant procedure. In the matter of new implant, it is necessary for the existing cosmetologist to have conversation with the one that performed previous transplant.

By doing so, he or she might be in a greater position to finalize the condition of tissues and dermis skin under the scar. It is said to be one of the most ideal ways of channelizing the growth of hair and ensuring better appeal. The process of hair transplant is gaining momentum because of its ability to smarten the looks of an individual. It is meant to safeguard a person from sarcastic remarks that accompany the bald looks. On hearing remarks and ridicule, a person having bald patches may resolute to isolation that results in inferiority complex. So, taking assistance from a cosmetologist about hair transplant is never a bad idea.

Hiding Scars of Previous Transplant with the New One