Know about the Body Transplant

The concept of body hair transplant (BHT) has gained momentum and revolutionized the way one should look. BHT is utilized fundamentally in circumstances where the donor section on the head is not suited much for the purpose of extraction. This results in the probability of hair transplant from the body. In this case, follicular units can be removed directly from various range of the body such as chest, mid-region, arms or legs and transplanted onto the scalp. Basically speaking, the unions taken in Body Hair Transplant are known to have typical development cycle with a solid report to demonstrate. Similarly, these are not similar to scalp joins as these contain just 1 hair contrasted with 1 to 4 hairs in scalp unites.

Critical Things to Know in Body Hair Transplant:

● It is vital to know that body hair are unique in relation to scalp hair.
● It is important to understand that the heading and surface are extraordinary, which necessitates for bending them methodically with scalp hair.
● It is necessary to store and hydrate the extracted grafts from the donor’s region for retaining the quality.
● It is essential to take care of the incisions made in the head that directs the way of procedure to be completed.
● The surgeons must be careful about using careful technique powered with highly integrated technical systems.
● It is necessary to find ways of damaging as less as possible grafts implanted on the head.
● The method comes with specified confinements required to be completed properly.

Limitations and success rates:

  • The method is conceivable in such patients, who have great body hair. Depending on the thickness of hair and the amount of hairs on a particular region, extraction is used properly.
  • Routine techniques for anaesthesia, for example, invasion and squares are not valuable leading to agonizing process of transplantation.
  • One thing to be noted is that transplanted hair is bound to change their structure as the process gets completed and gets adapted to the structure of the original hair on head.
  • The technique used for augmenting the growth of hair through body hair makes sure to give 70 to 80 percent of results.
  • Generally found as 1 and 2 hair units, which may not be as thick as the original hair on the scalp.

Body hairs are shorter in length and quite slender in nature. This may lead to extra cautiousness about the method to be used with much consistency. When it comes to the matter of getting the maximum results from transplant, it is necessary to go for a combination of body and scalp hair. The purpose of using such a combination is to get a better volume of hair on scalp because many of them have excellent texture. Though with some of the flaws; the procedure of body hair transplant is getting popular and considered as the last resort for covering bald patches on the head.

Know about the Body Transplant