What Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment


Platelet rich plasma or PRP is a highly advanced treatment procedure triggering the natural growth of hair. It is a three-step therapy where Dermatologists draw the patient’s blood from their arm, treat it with an anticoagulating agent and Citrate dextrose, process it in two stages by placing it on a centrifuge machine thereby increasing its platelet count by up to five times. Then doctors reinject the plasma along with stem cell generating additive called ACell back to the patient’s scalp.

FDA has approved the use of ACell in PRP procedure as it is a naturally occurring compound and it promotes blood vessel development by attracting stem cells to the treated site on the scalp. PRP treatment also improves blood supply to the hair follicle by widening the thickness of the hair shaft. This innovative treatment has been used in different hair treatment clinics since 1980. It helps in promoting thick, lustrous hair within months, and the primary advantage of this procure is, you can get it done as an outpatient and complete the entire process within an hour. Patients usually require three settings of PRP treatments 4–6 weeks apart.

Who are the Right Candidates for PRP Treatment?

PRP treatment is a revolutionary hair growth procedure where the body’s own healing properties stimulate hair follicles for the growth of healthy and thick hair. A large group of patients can take help of this technology for stabilising progressively thinning of hair. Here are the right candidates for PRP treatment.

  • Gender does not matter when it comes to PRP treatment. Individuals suffering from excessive hair fall from both the genders can avail this innovative therapy for promoting hair growth.
  • Though individuals having any category of hair loss can opt for PRP treatment, those suffering from Alopecia areata are better candidates for this treatment and blood enriched with plasma promotes hair growth and quickly cover their bald patches.
  • Usually, candidates’ health does not matter for PRP treatment as the body’s healing procedure boosts hair growth. So a large group of candidates can take help of this technology.

How long does PRP Treatment last?

Since PRP treatment is a natural healing process, in most of the patients the benefits last for a lifetime. The advanced technology gives long-lasting results without any invasive surgery. However, some patients require repeat treatment every year to retain hair growth.

What is the advantage of PRP Treatment over other procedures?

PRP hair restoration treatment is a choice able therapy for many individuals because here there is a minimal scope of any side effects. It is a natural process stimulating hair follicles and resulting in thick strands of hair. The entire treatment can be done in outpatient facilities, so patients do not need any hospitalisation. It is a minimally invasive technology where patients only get injections on their scalp for hair growth. The recovery time of PRP treatment is also very less, and doctors can complete the entire process within 60 to 90 minutes.

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What Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment