Eyebrow Transplant in Chennai

Eyebrow Transplantation in Chennai

Regain the beauty with eyebrow hair reconstruction at Dermaclinix

Eyebrows elevate the beauty of eyes and the facade as a whole and therefore are an important part of the face. Beautifully shaped eyebrows undoubtedly enhance other facial features and make the person look more attractive. This is the reason why having fewer hairs on eyebrows becomes a matter of concern. If you are also one of those who are looking for options other than making your brows dark with eye pencil then you have arrived to the right place. We, at DermaClinix located in Nungampakkam, Chennai, are there to help you look better with fuller eyebrow hair and thereby increase your personality.

Facilities for eyebrow transplant in Chennai at Dermaclinix:

Our hair transplant surgeon and skilled professionals would discuss the problems you have faced and the reasons for getting thin hair follicles at eye brows. Since fewer hairs could be due to genetics, accidents or other medical issues the procedure would follow accordingly. Eyebrows hair transplant technique is one of those which require expert’s guidance and a profound experience in the field. DermaClinix assures to providing the best solution to wash your problem away.


Procedure involving eyebrow hair transplant:

Eyebrows transplant is a surgical intervention where the patients is given local anesthesia or sedation as per his medical condition. Since eyebrow hair transplant methodology involves precision as one has to take care of angulation and direction of laying the hair follicles, the process can’t be taken lightly. Also, the surgeon should have the know-how about the best eye brow shape for the face in order to enhance other facial features as well. Surgery is done with full accuracy bring out the best results leading to fuller and dense eyebrows.

The whole procedure takes around 3-5 hours where the surgeon extracts the hair follicles from other body parts. Surgeons generally use the back and posterior part of the scalp for the procedure. However, in certain cases when these parts didn’t produce much extraction, they extract the hair follicles from other body parts. The surgeon then implants these extracted healthy hair follicles in the eye brows in the desired shape.

What can you prepare beforehand getting eyebrows hair transplant:

Some people get in the dilemma as for whether the procedure would be safe or not. To rule this fact out you can create the following list and then move ahead with the surgery:

  • Discuss with the surgeon about the procedure in detail and its consecutive results.
  • Do some home work by yourself and find out which eye brow shape would look best in your face. You can take eyebrow pictures with you to the hair transplant clinic.
  • Ask for the aftercare procedures and side effects, if any.

Always remember eyebrow hair transplant is one of those permanent solutions which can curb all the worries about your face. It helps in uplifting your self-esteem. With a good eyebrow transplant in an authentic clinic like Dermaclinix situated at Chennai, Tamil Nadu your personality may enhance manifolds.

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