Best Hair Loss Treatment in Chennai

Hair Loss Treatment in Chennai

People seeking treatment for hair loss in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is more common than you think. Most often, the problem remains undiagnosed and many end up using beauty products and visiting beauty parlors without any effects. A study revealed that as much as 50% of individuals in India believe that hair loss cannot be the result of any serious medical condition, and instead go in for osmetics and home remedies to battle out the problem. More, as many as 82% of men believe that oiling your hair could make it grow faster, one of the more popular myths out there. It’s necessary to visit a hair specialist early when you feel that you are losing your hairs.

Why Do You Need Hair Loss Treatment?

Look and feel better about yourself, and have the self-confidence you need to carry on with your daily life. We optimize treatment on individual basis depending on age, sex, grade of hair loss etc. Well, hair loss treatments can be permanent, depending on your condition. Hair transplant by FUE technique, for instance, can help you to naturally grow your hair back. With fast recovery, and no stitches, scars or post-operative pain, there really isn’t a lot to worry about..

Should You Go For It?

More than 279,381 hair restoration procedures are carried out each year today, and for a good reason. Unlike what you may think, more than 20% of hair restoration procedures are performed on persons aged between 20 to 30. If you’re suffering from hair loss, there is no reason to wait – and if you’re young, it’s more important.


Causes of Hair Loss

  • Hair loss is often associated with genetic reasons – including autoimmune diseases, but commonly happens due to nutrient deficiency in the body. For instance, you need the right amount of proteins, iron, Vitamin A and C to have healthy hair growth.
  • Additionally certain medical conditions like rapid weight loss or thyroid and scalp infections could lead to hair loss.
  • Hormonal imbalance within the body and pregnancy are some other causes. The medicines you take too can play a part, and studies have shown that anti depressants and anti-inflammatory drugs play a role too.
  • If you’re battling it out with hair loss, we can help. We study your skin and hair, and in-depth treatments along with experienced professionals, ensure you’ve nothing to worry about.

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