Hair Transplantation Cost in Chennai

Hair Transplant Cost in Chennai

Hair Transplantation Cost at Dermaclinix, Chennai

Is the high cost of hair transplantation troubling you? Well, in that case, you need to try Dermaclinix located at Chennai to get rid of your problem. Whether you want to opt for an old yet reliable technique like FUE or an innovative one like A Cell Therapy, Dermaclinix, Chennai endows the patients with an affordable hair transplantation cost.

  • Whether the problem is of hair thinning or even worse baldness, we have a solution for every problem at a reasonable cost.
  • Whether your baldness is due to genetic reasons or malnutrition, accident or medical issues we can curb your trouble with our hair transplantation techniques with an affordable price.
  • Whether you want an invasive surgery or a non-invasive one, both can be performed with precision in an inexpensive way.


Our skilled and experienced doctors have made it possible to give the best service with an economical hair transplantation cost. The long list of happy and satisfied customers is the proof that Dermaclinix, Chennai has some of the best services for patients with different needs.

No need to feel embarrassed and no need to hide from the world. All that you need is to book an appointment with us today and give yourself a chance to look better with a scalp full of hairs. Get that younger look all over again and flaunt it to the world with pride. Come to us and feel the difference!

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