PRP Treatment in Chennai

(Platelet Rich Plasma) PRP Treatment & Cost in Chennai

PRP treatment to curb the hair loss

With various medical interventions, scientists have opened many alternative paths to curb different ailments in the human body. Platelet Rich Plasma technique (PRP) for hair restoration is one of them. Since blood plasma is considered as the source of rejuvenation and regeneration of new cells as it contains active growth factors and essential proteins, it is extensively used to promote hair growth. While everyone is not comfortable with surgical methodologies for hair transplantation, no matter how safe they are, the non- surgical methods have always gained the popularity. This is the reason why people opt for PRP therapy treatment in Chennai. Being non-invasive yet wonderful in endowing the result it has gained momentum in the recent past. The PRP treatment cost in Chennai is very affordable

Procedure for PRP therapy treatment:

DermaClinix located at Nungampakkam, Chennai has a team of experts and skilled professionals to perform the task of PRP treatment for their patients. The hair transplant surgeon gives anesthesia to the patient on the scalp before starting the procedure. The whole procedure didn’t take more than 3 to 4 hours. It involves the following steps:


1. Hair transplant surgeon draws the blood sample out in order to take the plasma and centrifuge it in a sterilized lab condition.

2. The place where hair restoration is needed is numbed by giving local anesthesia. The body part could be scalp or face.

3. The surgeon uses special micro needles to inject PRP into the scalp.

4. It takes around 10 to 15 months to achieve the optimal hair growth with the help of Platelet rich plasma therapy.

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PRP Treatment in Chennai
Advantages of PRP (Platelet rich plasma) treatment in Chennai

It has become one of the most favored choices among the patients due to many reasons. The most prominent benefits of PRP treatment for hair loss are:

  • It is a simple and non-surgical procedure where the chances of side effects or scars are minimum.
  • Surgeon gives multiple injections on the scalp and the procedure didn't last for more than 3 hours.
  • The recovery period is minimal as compared to other hair loss techniques.
  • It provides natural looking hairs.
  • The procedure is safe and reliable when done under the guidance of experienced experts.

With due commitments and devotion DermaClinix is not leaving any stone unturned to endow the best end result to its patients. We have experienced professionals to perform the task with utmost efficiency.

Who should not opt for PRP treatment:

If you are opting for PRP treatment in Chennai then you need to consult our hair experts beforehand as a few medical issues didn’t allow this procedure for hair restoration. A person cannot opt for PRP if:

  • He is suffering from some platelet dysfunction syndrome which could alter the result drastically.
  • He had undergone anti-coagulation therapy in the recent past for treating some ailment.
  • Some issues such as skin diseases, cancer, liver diseases or metabolic disorders are there in your medical history.

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