Beard and Mustache Transplantat in Chennai

Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Time to shine with the new beard and mustache hair transplant at DermaClinix, Chennai

It’s a saying that a man looks more manly with his beard and mustaches. However, it totally depends on individual preferences whether he wants to keep beard and mustaches or not. But for people who want to have beard and mustaches but facing the problem of less or patchy ones, we have the solution of beard transplant and mustache transplant for them. The procedure comes under facial hair transplant and helps to rejuvenate the hairs in different parts of the face. Let’s take a sneak peak over the beard and mustache hair transplant and how it is performed at DermaClinix situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

How is beard and mustache transplant done:

It is a surgical procedure where the team of experts at DermaClinix works to transplant the scalp hairs to the parts of the face where they are lacking in density. Most widely the process utilizes Follicular Unit Extraction technique (FUE) where the grafts of follicles are taken out from the back of the scalp or the posterior parts and re-implanted on the facial parts where ever needed. Whether the person wants a beard transplant or mustache transplant the process is done with utmost efficiency.


How effective is beard transplant and mustache transplant:

There could be many reasons why a person opts the beard and mustache transplant like :

  • Less facial hairs due to genetics.
  • Hair loss due to medical conditions like cancer.
  • Facial scars due to trauma, burns or other surgical operations.
  • Conditions such as folliculitis, traction alopecia or alopecia areata.

The process of beard and mustache transplant helps to regain the lost hairs and the masculinity all over again. Once the transplant is done the new hairs start growing normally in the face which can be shaved, groomed or styled as per the preference. As the days go by, no one can identify that you have had beard hair transplant or mustache hair transplant in the past.

How long is the procedure and when the new hairs emerge?

The whole process of beard and mustache hair transplant takes around 3 to 5 hours at DermaClinix. It depends largely upon the amount of extraction and re-implantation in the person’s scalp and face respectively. With the help of local anesthesia and oral sedations, the process is initiated and later preceded with the experts of the niche.

After a few days of transplantation, small crusts would form around the transplanted hairs. It takes around 4 weeks for the transplanted hair to fall off completely. The new hairs start appearing in the face after 3 months. Like normal hairs, the new ones can be shaved and groomed.

So eradicate the void in personality due to patchy facial hair growth by the facial hair transplant in Chennai at DermaClinix. There is no need to doubt the manhood because we are here to improvise your outlook. Regain your lost confidence and flaunt yourself to the world.

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