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Best Body Hair Transplant in Chennai

Hair transplantation has gained widespread acceptance and popularity in the recent years. Many people have some knowledge of hair transplantation through internet and other social media. But, a very few are aware of transplantation of hairs from body parts other than the scalp: the beard, chest, etc. With the advent of FUE it is possible to extract hair follicles from these area without causing scarring. In people with advanced grade baldness in whom the donor hairs from scalp alone won’t be sufficient we can utilize beard and body hairs to enable more area coverage. An experienced surgeon clearly knows that there are a few differences between body hair, and scalp hair in terms of their orientation, attachment , depth of follicle in the skin and thickness, as well as curl. So body hair extraction requires greater skill as these hairs are thin and fragile, and also even a slight scar can ruin the appeal of the skin. But our experts make sure that the procedure is done with utmost precision without any scarring.


Why Body Hair Transplant at DermaClinix, Chennai is the best

Body hair transplant is indeed a challenging technique and not everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to extract the hairs in certain parts of the body. With the help of FUE technique, our expert surgeons extract the grafts with utmost accuracy. We give a local anesthesia to the patient or perform it under twilight sedation. This helps in making the place of extraction numb and thus easier to take the grafts out. Since the grafts are generally enveloped with excess fat or skin, the need of refining them become obvious. Therefore our surgeons refine them in order to make them perfect for grafting. This makes the final result more aesthetic without any visible scars or marks on the skin. The use of special measures makes, Body Hair Transplant, Chennai the best.

Body Hair Transplant
Extra perks of getting Body Hair Transplantation at DermaClinix, Chennai

After the procedure is finalized we provide all the aftercare measures to the patient. Although healing occurs all by itself, we provide a special ointment that can as a catalyst in the healing process. While the back and chest take 10 days to heal, beard heals up within three to four days. As the time goes by the transplanted hairs falls down and then start re-growing like normal hairs. You will find that the scarring is almost negligible and no one would be able to make a notice. Barely perceptible tiny dots could be found in very small percentage if seen closely.

If you really want to have a wonderful experience and get a fuller scalp, DermaClinix is there to help you for Body Hair Transplant in Chennai. Our experts counsel the patient beforehand. We take care of all the queries you have in your mind and make them clear to you. Our staff has full expertise in every kind of surgery whether it’s an invasive or non-invasive one. Being experienced enough, we take extra care of our clients to provide them comfort and full attention while the surgery. So don’t give a second thought about getting body hair transplant. No need to shy away from the world for having fewer hairs on the body. Get a Body Hair Transplant at Dermaclinix Chennai and regain the lost confidence for ever.

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