Biostimulated FUE Hair Transplant in Chennai

Biostimulated FUE Hair Transplant

Generally, people who are not aware of different hair transplantation techniques get bewildered with its medical terminologies. Bio-Stimulated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of them. But it is one of the best techniques to stimulate the hair growth and restore the lost hairs. One can get a younger look and elevate the persona with its help. If you are in dilemma as for whether to go for Bio stimulated FUE in Chennai or not, take a heed to the points below. These points will take you out from your quandary and you would find out how influencing this technique is.

  • Biostimulated FUE refers to hair transplantation by FUE along with utilization of platelet rich plasma therapy(PRP)
  • The PRP helps in enhancing the growth of residual stunted
  • It also enriches transplanted follicles by releasing high concentrations of growth factors directly near the hair roots and stimulates the stem cells present in the follicular root sheath.
  • In this technique, hair follicles are preserved in a special solution enriched with the patient’s own growth factors before implantation and at the end of the surgery; the concentrated solution of growth factors is injected into the entire affected area.
  • Based on our observation, due to biostimulation, a good proportion of transplanted hair remain viable [in growth phase (ANAGEN)] and the final result tend to appear quicker when compared to normal transplantation.
  • Our doctors are the pioneers for this treatment in India.
  • We prepare PRP with state of art technique ensuring high concentrations of growth factors which are duly confirmed by standard techniques for quantitative & qualitative analysis.


Pros of getting Bio-stimulated FUE Hair Transplant at Dermaclinix, Chennai

Since germinative cells are the basis of this technique, one can’t doubt its authenticity and reliability. This is an innovative and extremely steadfast technique to get a fuller scalp. Some of the alluring benefits of Bio-stimulated FUE technique for transplant are:

  • It helps in stimulating the growth of hairs.
  • It improves the texture of the hairs and makes them better than before.
  • The whole procedure ends up with almost nil scarring.
Why DermaClinix is best for Bio-stimulated FUE in Chennai

While there are many procedures present in the market for hair transplantation, Bio-stimulated FUE is innovative and worth splurging upon. And since we at DermaClinix have skilled persons to operate the clients you can trust us completely. Being an advanced therapy it requires specialized surgeons to perform the surgery. There are certain points which make us different and better than others. These are:

  • We counsel our clients about the technique and explain them the whole procedure in detail. We try making them comfortable with our staff so that they can mingle with us and discuss their quandaries.
  • We perform the whole technique under specialized and sterilized lab conditions. This ensures that there would be no chances of infection or infestation to the client while the surgery.
  • We take extra care while storing the samples in order to retain their properties and functionality. This ensures getting the desired end result after the procedure finalizes.

Take a chance with DermaClinix, to get Biostimulation FUE hair transplant in Chennai and feel the difference all by yourself.

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