Low Level Laser Light Therapy

Low Level Laser Light Therapy

Low level laser light therapy to help you regain the lost hairs

One of the most extensively used methods to regenerate the lost hairs is the low level laser light therapy. Dermaclinix located in Chennai endows its client the LLLT treatment with the help of which they get rid of the problem of lost hairs and reclaim the lost confidence all over again. While the surgical methodologies seem complicated, no matter how safe they are, the non-surgical ones are preferred by most of the people. In today’s date laser technique is one of them which is being used to cure major ailments and for hair restoration. Let’s get a detailed know how about the Low level laser light treatment for curbing the problem of hair loss.

What is Low level laser light treatment:

Low level laser light therapy is also commonly known as red light therapy, cold laser, soft laser, and photobiomodulation. It utilizes infra-red laser beams to eradicate the hair loss troubles by increasing the local blood flow and stimulating the hair cells to get activated. Since it uses laser beams the whole procedure remains painless and totally non-invasive. Being FDA approved since 2007, LLLT treatment has managed to attain much popularity in the recent past for being extremely safe and one of the most appealing methodology for hair loss treatment.


Who can opt for LLLT treatment for hair loss:

Men and women suffering from hair recession or complete baldness due to androgenetic alopecia can get a permanent solution for their baldness by LLLT treatment. Being a genetic condition it has become the commonest reason for losing hairs in the early age. However for people who have lost their hairs due to other medical issues can also go for low level laser light treatment.

Procedure for LLLT therapy:

We at Dermaclinix have specialized and skilled professionals to do the LLLT therapy for the clients as it utilizes infrared radiations which need skilled hands for better performance. The laser light with the specific wavelengths in the range of 630 to 670 nanometers is used. The scalp is exposed to the light which is then absorbed by the molecules of hair follicles. The light goes deep inside the scalp, stimulating the hair cells to get activated. Since the blood flow increases in the scalp, the hair cells start getting better nutrient to trigger the growth.

How long is the LLLT procedure:

The method is painless and non-invasive and requires a lot of patience to get the final outcome. The procedure takes 30 to 40 minutes to complete. Surgeons do it three times in a week. However, it takes 4 to 5 months to turn around the hair loss into hair gain process.

To retain the fuller and denser look of the scalp one require to maintain it properly. One needs to visit the clinic regularly for maintaining the hair growth for a longer period of time. Dermaclinix at Chennai will help you regain your lost hairs. Welcome your new hairs with the help of Dermaclinix and their services.

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