Best Hair Transplant in Chennai

Hair transplant in Chennai

Hair transplantation surgery at DermaClinix, Chennai

Hair loss is something most undesirable and unwanted. No matter what is your gender and what your age is, if you encounter the hair loss troubles, you would feel sad and depressed with a low confidence level. In this fast paced life when every single minute counts, people, do not have time to take care of health, leave behind taking care of hairs. All these situations lead to hair thinning and sometimes baldness. But thanks to medical science and interventions that with the help of various invasive and non-invasive surgeries one can restore the lost hairs and regain the lost confidence.

Hair transplant in DermaClinix Chennai

If you are sailing in the same boat where you have to decide whether to live with the baldness or look for some reasonable hair restoration in Chennai then DermaClinix could be your solution. Here we have a well versed staff of doctors and hair transplant surgeons who are expert in the field and endow the best outcome for the patient.


Hair transplant techniques at DermaClinix

From traditional to innovative our doctors can operate every kind of surgery with utmost accuracy and precision. We provide the most extensively used Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique as well as the newer version of it, Bio-stimulated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. Both of these techniques are considered as the best for hair restoration. If you are thinking about the hair transplant cost then you don’t have to worry about this as we charge an affordable price for hair transplantation in Chennai and other best kind of service.

Why only DermaClinix for hair transplant Surgery in Chennai

There are many reasons for opting DermaClinix over other similar clinics & hospitals. The major reasons are the following:

  • Our staff is the most humble and modest one to listen to your queries and answer your quandaries in an efficient manner.
  • Our doctors are well versed with every latest technology to use in your scalp or any other body part for hair transplantation.
  • We care about our patients and therefore provide them extra attention and special after care advice to get great hair growth with minimum scarring and marks.
  • DermaClinix gives you the cheapest hair transplant in Chennai. Even with our latest technologies and professional doctors, we charge a minimum to the patients and therefore you can rely on us for getting an affordable treatment.

So if you are looking a clinic for the best hair transplantation in Chennai, come to DermaClinix and get all your queries and troubles answered by the experts and professionals. Get the hair restoration service at cheapest rate and regain your confidence and self-esteem.

Book an appointment with us today and get the best hair transplant results. It’s time to flaunt yourself to the world and shine all over again with a fuller scalp and natural looking hair. We, at DermaClinix Chennai, welcome you whole-heartedly for hair transplantation.

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